Hobkin’s 5th Birthday

It’s Hobkin’s birthday! The fuzzwit is five years old today. According to American Domestic Skunk Association skunk show standards, five years qualifies as a senior skunk. So far, Hobkin doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Thankfully.

We’re baking a cherry pie for him to celebrate his birthday. He’ll get a small slice. I anticipate sticky paws . . . and nose and fur.

Big smile for the camera!

Bigger smile! Hamming it up.

Munching a greenie.

Paw licking good.


Writing Stuff

– 48-day (reprint) Sale of “The Snow Woman’s Daughter” to Escape Pod (or possibly their new, as-of-yet-untitled Fantasy spin-off podcast ‘zine). Yay!
– Confirmation from Dragon*Con of my guest status for 2007.

– My April Writing for Young Readers column: “An Interview with Judy Burke of Highlights for Children.

New Words:
– 1000 on the Persian fairy tale retelling. Nearly at zero draft. It’s several hundred words longer than what I was aiming for, but I’m hoping to do some cutting in editing.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,294 / 2,000

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26 Responses to Hobkin’s 5th Birthday

  1. Such CUTE pics!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hobkin!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Hobkin!

  3. lizziebelle says:

    OMG he is the cutest thing ever! Happy birthday, Hobkin!

  4. fuzzdecay says:

    !!! seeing hobkin always makes me want a skunk 20 times more!

    happy cake (er… pie) day!

  5. yukinooruoni says:


    He looks utterly adorable there!!

  6. Happy Bday Hobkin! And many more to come!

  7. melissajm says:

    Aww! Happy Birthday, Hobkin!

  8. Happy B-day to Mr. Fuzzy!

    Confirmation from Dragon*Con of my guest status for 2007

    How does one generally get to be a guest? I’ve tried in the past, but to no avail.

  9. klingonguy says:

    Happy birthday, Hobkin!

  10. klandaghicat says:

    Aw, happy birthday! Still a youngster! Artie’s now 8 and Sammy’s 6. *hugs*

  11. dungeoneer says:

    If I didn’t already have two cats and a dog I’d want a skunk too. Adorable.

  12. puskunk says:

    Tell the little furball happy birthday!

  13. quasiskunk says:

    happy birthday, Hobkin!
    Here’s to you not getting your AARS (American Association of Retired Skunkies) card in the mail just yet 🙂

  14. gillpolack says:

    He’s so cute! Happy belated birthday Hobkin (given we’re a day ahead of you here).

  15. raecarson says:


    Wow, it’s been too long since I’ve seen Hobkin pics. *phews*

  16. dean13 says:

    Happy B-Day Hobkin!

  17. I have no idea how you stand that much cute. The half-life on it has to be good for 5,000 years.

    He looks abashed in that last picture. Adorable!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Safety goggles. Yup. Also, we frequently stumble about in a cute-struck daze. Certainly explains how the little fuzzwit has the smallest brain in the household, yet has both me and the hubby wrapped around his little paw . . .

  18. Happy birthday to Hobkin! Those pictures are adorable. What a sweetie!

  19. Aw, Happy Birthday, Hobkin! 😀

  20. Happy belated B’day, Hobkin! You don’t look a day over 4!

    And congrats on the guest invite. This is #? (I knew you when.)

  21. kafkonia says:

    Happy birthday Hobkin!

  22. basletum says:

    A day late, but Happy Birthday Hobkin!

    Sheesh! It seems I’m always a day late for everything except deadlines!

  23. sruna says:

    Belated (just my computer up and running again) but sincere wishes for many more happy years! Hobkin is still one of my favorite cuties! (Thinking of him trundling or bouncing along, tail in the air, always makes me smile!) 😀

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