Session ’07, Day 34

And the 2007 Georgia legislative session resumes. La! Clawing our way to the finish line . . .


Writing Stuff

The Carolina Romance Writers (CRW) have updated their online workshop page to include mine: Worldbuilding for Writers: Transporting Readers Beyond the Ordinary.

When: June 2007.
Registration: $15 for CRW members, $20 for non-members.
Registration deadline: May 27.

What: Whether your story enthralls readers in the sumptuous decadence of a bygone era, sweeps them to a fantastical otherworld, captivates with an electrifying future, or happens right now, the vibrancy of your setting will determine whether readers live and breathe and feel what your characters live and breathe and feel. But the world your characters inhabit is more than scenery; it’s climate and sociology, magic and technology, history and politics–dynamics that shape the fundamentals of behavior, motivation, and thought as well as psychology, culture, and religion. How do you make it factually accurate? How do you present your world so it doesn’t read like a textbook? And how do you make it seem real? Worldbuilding for Writers will delve into everything from the logic and practicalities of magic to constructing an alien landscape to immersing in the here and now.

– 8-day nada from Heliotrope.

New Words:
– 250 on the Persian fairy tale retelling. And I’m at zero draft. I managed to finish it before session resumed. Woohoo! My first completed story of 2007! Going to have fosteronfilm first reader it, and then (probably) pop it up to Critters. I’m vacillating on whether I need/want to post this to Critters. I’ve been so non-active there, I feel a bit guilty about it.

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  1. RWA World building

    I may just have to sign up!

  2. Anonymous says:

    just 6 more days of legislation left!! Should be over in a month or so! 🙂

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