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I came across a review of In the Outposts of Beyond at

“Read enough anthologies in a row and pretty soon the stories all seem the same in your memory. The ones that stand out are the ones you mention when suggesting to a friend they read it. If I were to tell one of my friends to read In the Outposts of Beyond, I’d mention Ralan Conley’s “The Walking Man” or Eugie Foster’s “A Little Soul Music.”
–C. Dennis Moore

I’m grinning like a loon.

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  1. gannet says:



    (I just had to mention…Stephen misread the title of the book as In the Opossums of Beyond)

  2. soyfaerie says:

    Awwww!! ::warm fuzzies::

  3. reudaly says:

    I’m grinning like a loon.

    As well you should be!

  4. mery_bast says:

    That’s awesome!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    C. Dennis Moore review

    Eugie.. not to detract from your elation at the postive review by CDM at epinions, I suspect that he’s keeping a closer watch on Scrybe authors as his book Camdigan is due out from us this month and he’s offered to review our publications as well..

    -Scrybe Press

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