Let there be cake! And there was . . . oof.

One of the folks in my area had a birthday today, and there was ice cream and candles and cake! A lot of cake. Yummy coconut cake, of vast richness and size. Vasty vast richness. And size.


I ate too much cake. And there’s still a chunk of cake and a puddle of rapidly-melting ice cream sitting on a plate on my desk.

I think I’ll be skipping dinner tonight . . .

On the non-binging on cake front, Comcast continues to prove that they are eminently deserving of the title “ISP Most in Need of a Vicious Sporking.” We switched over our automatic Comcast payment from our old checking account (from Suntrust, the holder of the “Bank Most in Need of a Vicious Sporking” title) to our new one in July, and Comcast cut off our Internet yesterday because we “hadn’t paid.” Yet, they still have us listed as “automatic payment by check,” and even if the switchover didn’t take, we STILL HAVE our Suntrust account.

Internet is back up now, but Comcast wants to charge us a late fee and/or a re-activation fee, and we do not wish to be charged said fee(s). We’re putting on our Contention Boots, and if that fails, there’s always sporks.


Writing Stuff

Discovered via Ralan that Maniac Press has folded, closing all six of its anthology projects. Would’ve been nice if they’d taken the time to inform their contributors of this fact, but I can’t say I’m particularly put out. I didn’t have high expectations for this reprint sale, and lo, even those failed to be met.

New Words:
Whee! I’m writing fiction again!
– 800 words on an urban fantasy inspired by my daily commutes on the MARTA rail.
– 1200 words on a new Japanese fantasy for one of the anthology hamsters I agreed to toss about. This one has a deadline of November, but I was getting a little anxious that I hadn’t started on it. Less anxious now. ‘Course starting a story and finishing it are different hamsters altogether.

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28 Responses to Let there be cake! And there was . . . oof.

  1. highway_west says:

    I think they quit because of the reaction to bad layout in Star Spangled Zombie.

  2. ogre_san says:

    It’s a good thing for my waistline that there is no such thing as a yummy cake when coconut is involved. Can’t stand the stuff.

  3. terracinque says:

    The folks in your area? We work in an area? What are we, land surveyors?

    Why can’t you just say “workplace?”

  4. nmsunbear says:

    Oh, coconut cake, that sounds sooo goooood….

    And I wave my spork at your bank, and Comcast too.

  5. lisamantchev says:

    You said cake, and I drooled on myself…

    *sniffs, and contents myself with the knowledge that there is mousse in the fridge for dessert tonight*

  6. mroctober says:

    I would not mind an up-to-date bio from you for the Mirrorstone book. I want to turn it in with your story.

  7. lizziebelle says:

    Comcast is evil. They must be sporked.
    *spork spork*

  8. t_rex says:

    Coconut cake is one of my favorites! Second only to banana pudding (the way my Aunt Catherine makes it) and lemon meringue pie (the way my Aunt Alice makes it).

    I’m craving dessert now.

  9. winters_edge says:

    Comcast is nasty, nasty, nasty. We ditched them before the end of June and turned in our equipment. They somehow managed not to complete the auto-withdrawal for our monthly payments from the checking account, too, and promised a refund within 10 days. OOOPS. (Right.)

    I got the refund check today. It has been over two months. I gave up calling them to complain, because they just kept transfering me all over and giving me different stories about what happened. They really don’t care at all, so I say threaten them with the BBB immediately, since this seems to be their standard practice.

    Oh, btw? We got a bill a month into the late refund process, which was almost six weeks after we cancelled our service with them. Ha, ha, ha.

    I wish you the best of luck, and I hope that they fix it for you quickly.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Doesn’t it seem like customer service has gone totally belly-up in recent years? I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve encountered more scenarios where I’ve needed assistance, or if I’m more aware of crappy service, or if it’s really and truly gone downhill. But it sure feels like companies have stopped training their employees as well as caring whether or not they provide quality service. ARGH. Spork the world!!

      • Anonymous says:

        It does seems so, unfortunately. I’ve been thinking that we need “fairness in consumer relations” legislation. It comes down to these jobs being a step above retail and fast-food in terms of respect, quality and pay, but still fairly basic.

        People are happy to have the jobs, don’t want to mess things up, and the employers make policies to stall payment/refunds in order to profit from the interest they get daily from such techniques. It’s one reason many states enacted laws to require a response- which is generally limited to a fair and legitimate denial or payment- of insurance claims within 30 days. As individuals, or bank accounts don’t generally hold enough to make tons of cash off of holding money for an extra few days, but in big business, it’s different. Insurance companies were making a ton of money by holding some employer’s cash for 2-14 extra days instead of paying a medical bill.

        Imagine how much they must have made on the multitudes they held (and still hold) longer?

  10. mtfay says:

    We’re putting on our Contention Boots, and if that fails, there’s always sporks.

    File a complaint with the better business bureau. And then broadcast the need for discontented Comcast customers to do so on your blog, Regularly and loudly.

  11. newroticgirl says:

    Hooray for cake! And cake icons!!

    (Two LJers for the price of one in that icon… is the guy in the tux behind me.)

  12. lotus_faerie says:

    Mmm, cake. . .

    Congratulations on getting writing. 🙂 I hope to be doing that soon, too.

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