Magic, fairy lights, and the warmth of family

Had a lovely weekend. fosteronfilm and I had intended to go see one of the many movies that’re out that we’ve been interested in, but we had a very slow and therefore late start on Saturday. After completing our final bits of Christmas shopping, we decided we’d prefer having a Christmas evening at home with Hobkin–who was looking a bit anxious and peeved at being abandoned for so long. So we stowed away our purchases–including a plush pooch with winter scarf and hat clutching a fleece blanket for Hobkin–and made cinnamon-glazed roasted almonds, had (faux) roast beast and onion gravy, cranberry sauce, and white chocolate & cranberry Harry & David’s coffee while watching White Christmas.

Vera-Ellen is one of my favorite dancers of that era. It’s sad that she never received the sort of accolades and acclaim that others did. She was so charismatic and effervescent. I remember the first time I saw White Christmas on the big screen. It was at the Normal Theater, the renovated art theater back in my old Midwestern stomping grounds. The first Danny Kaye/Vera-Ellen dance number had me utterly spellbound. Seeing them spinning and leaping together took my breath away and transported me to a simpler time where happiness was measured in graceful movement and sentimental songs.

Yep. I really love the holiday season. Magic, fairy lights, and the warmth of family snuggled close.


Writing Stuff

– Did a couple final editing/rewrite passes on “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist etc.” and stuck a fork in it. And it’s off. Fly, little story, fly! Be brave and valiant, and come back with your shield or on it!

– Payment from Pseudopod for “Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me.” Very excited about hearing their podcast production of it.
– The autograph plates for the special hard cover edition of Aegri Somnia, which I spent a couple hours on Sunday applying my John Hancock to. There’s one plate which I think will make whoever gets it extremely amused. Three writers (myself included) drew self-portraits on it next to our signatures. Sending those back to jasonbsizemore in today’s mail . . .

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9 Responses to Magic, fairy lights, and the warmth of family

  1. Glad to hear you finally solved the Hobkin present dilemma. Happy holidays to you all!

  2. I Love “White Christmas”

    It’s one of my all-time favourite Christmas movies. I remember pining for a dress as pretty as the one that Vera-Ellen Wears in the “Best Things Happen When You’re Dancing” number. *sigh* I should have been a teen in the fifties.

    Thanks for the warm-family-moment post today. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: I Love “White Christmas”

      The holidays are all about warm and fuzzy. The costumes in White Christmas, ye verily, are to die for. I love the elegant dresses both Vera-Ellen and Rosemary Clooney wore in the final scene, and the little yellow minidress Vera-Ellen wore in the “Abraham” number.

  3. cmpriest says:

    Yeah. I was watching Numbers on TV while signing them myself, and royally botched my signature on a few of them. Wee! I look deranged …

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I didn’t see any which looked “botched” from you. I think the variances will make for interesting personalizations from siggy plate to siggy plate.

      • cmpriest says:

        See one of the more recent posts on


        • Eugie Foster says:

          Hee! I think it’s the nature of authorial signatures to end up slapdash. I’m sure that Aegri Somnia recipients, regardless of whether they get a book signed by “Cheire Preest” or “Cheerie Preist” or even “Cherie Priest” will just be pleased that it’s been personalized.

          I’m way impressed that your bank verifies your signature with you, though. I think if they got one of my checks signed “Fred Jones,” my bank wouldn’t bat an eye and would just cash the damn thing. Another reason we’re switching banks . . .

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