Mortally wounded by a skunk

Well, maybe not “mortally” . . . I was sleeping all curled up with Hobkin snuggled under my chin, and Matthew was upstairs doing something. Matthew made a loud noise that frightened the wee fuzzwit, who sprang up and dashed away to go cower under his hutch. Unfortunately, what Hobkin used as a springboard for this frantic scramble was my face. One of his hind claws caught me good as he dashed away. Got a long, thin slice right over the cheekbone. Lovely. It didn’t bleed much, but it did break the skin. And it stings.


Writing Stuff:

Started my review for Tangent of this week’s Sci-Fiction offering. Ellen Datlow, the editor of Sci-Fiction, asked on the newsgroup whether any new reviews might be published soon. I had to tell her that my Tangent editor is swamped with work but promises to update as soon as he has time. Gleep.

Received a 75-day form reject from Tin House. This was a long shot in any case. Out it goes again.

And still haven’t heard from Talebones after my query. It’s been over three weeks, and I’ve seen other people hear back from them with only month or so response times recently. I’m seriously thinking communications are getting lost in transit somewhere in there, so I queried again.

200 new words. Oof. Progress is slow and halting. Hell, it can barely be called “progress.”

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3 Responses to Mortally wounded by a skunk

  1. Anonymous says:


    You’re 200 more words than yesterday.


  2. cmpriest says:

    still 200 words more than i’ve coughed up today 😉

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