Thursday Morning Observations ‘Bout Writing on a Train

It’s hard writing a sex scene when the little old lady sitting beside you on the train keeps glancing furtively at your laptop screen. Umf.

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12 Responses to Thursday Morning Observations ‘Bout Writing on a Train

  1. klingonguy says:

    Smile, and then politely ask grandmother her name. Then write her into the scene.

  2. arkady says:

    How incredibly off-putting!

  3. mabfan says:

    Either she actually enjoys the scene, or she’s offended. Either way, it’s her fault for not minding her own business…

  4. Ah, the pressures on writers today. You really should write her in. 🙂

  5. antonstrout says:

    you must be doing it right because old ladies are damned filthy!

  6. cdennismoore says:

    I’d think that would make it all the easier. Teach her to mind her own damn business!

  7. madwriter says:

    Next time ask her to proofread.

  8. mtfay says:

    Some of the most perverted people I have met were little old ladies. She probably wanted something racier;).

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