Tramadol and Paradox

The Tramadol thrashed my ass. Had a bit of a headache after the D*C staff meeting and was feeling somewhat logy, so took a Tramadol, thinking “hey, a little pick-me-up along with surcease of pain, all good.” Knocked me totally out for the night. I was chatting with Matthew after dinner, watching the finale of Charmed, hanging out with Hobkin, and then I was slumped down on the couch, dead to the world. And I stayed that way, even through a relocate to the bedroom, until the morning.

But, on an up note, no headache.

The staff meeting was good fun. More socializing this time around than working, although I suspect fosteronfilm would say the opposite as he was running around trying to get stuff done while I was chatting with arkhamrefugee about Sin City and dropping off a box of DVDs for the Film Festival while I was waving hello to bevlovesbooks. Did get some work done, hooked up with roget and dire_epiphany and astralfire to verify some details, touched base with Sara-of-no-LJ to coordinate our shared inventory needs, and snagged a couple new reporters–pending the a-ok on their writing samples. A productive and enjoyable meeting.

And, on an abrupt change of subject: For your psychedelic viewing pleasure (discovered via fahkingnut) the Zoom Quilt. Very cool.

Writing Stuff

Got the galleys to approve from Paradox for “The Tiger Fortune Princess.” The editor reports the issue will come out mid-June. Very looking forward to it.

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2 Responses to Tramadol and Paradox

  1. palmerwriter says:


    So what did you think of the Charmed finale? My wife and I were both scratching our heads at the end of it. It looks like they’ve given themselves an out in case they decide not to do another season. Or maybe a season without any of the principle cast!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Charmed

      As far as season/series finales go, I thought it was reasonable. They wrapped up loose ends, setting themselves up for cancellation as well as giving themselves a situation to come back from in case they roll off the bubble on the “renew” side. But honestly, I think that show has run its course and then some.

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