What day is it?

Hobkin woke me up this morning out of a series of very disturbing dreams. He, of course, was not at all interested in the vagaries of my subconscious and was solely interested in being fed. But I still haven’t shaken off the sleep fog. Couldn’t even remember what day it was for a bit there. I’m having a hard time recalling any details of the dreams now, but they’ve left their indelible imprint upon my Sunday (Sunday, right?) morning. I think my brain is trying to tell me it’s anxious, but I knew that already.

Writing Stuff

New Words: 300
On the folktale, and I’m at zero draft. Woohoo! Going to do a couple editing passes and then hand it off to fosteronfilm to first reader. Will toss it up on Critters the week after next. Quite a productive couple of days. And now I’m perusing the Korean folklore and mythology sites I’ve bookmarked in an effort to tempt my muse to maintain her productive streak.

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9 Responses to What day is it?

  1. Hey, never know. Hobkin might be projecting his dreams into your subconcious just to see what effect it might have on you. :p

    Just remembered… gotta write that email about D*C to you. Hmm….

  2. terracinque says:

    Hey, is it true? What they’re saying about Joss over at the community?

  3. keesa_renee says:

    Congrats on finishing the story…what a shame I won’t be around to critter it! Well, maybe we can have the computer at home fixed by then. Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

    Aren’t dreams weird? What I hate is when I have one of those dreams that’s weird, but it could have happened–and I think it actually did happen. That’s a scary thing. 😀

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